Award application
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The Criteria for winning my award is:

1. The site MUST be genealogy oriented.

2. The site MUST be easy to navigate, and have none or few broken links.

3. The site MUST NOT be pornographic nor have any links to pornographic sites.

4. You MUST be at least 14 years of age to apply.

If your site wins an award, please upload the GIF onto your own server. Please do not link directly to the GIF.

I will review your site and let you know in 7 to 14 days if your site meets the criteria I have established.


Privacy Statement

Misener Geneology reserves the right to reject or accept any submission made to the above awards program at the discretion of the webmaster. Misener Geneology assures the applicant that all information submitted will remain personal and confidential. It will not be shared with anyone, nor do we sell email addresses. For further enquiries please contact the webmaster at:

Award Application

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